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2 Inch Solid Terracotta FireGlobes

2 Inch Solid Terracotta FireGlobes
FireGlobes are a very exciting alternative for your fireplace or fire pit. In a variety of sizes and colors, you will be able to find a perfect compliment to your decor. Designed to be used in fully vented fireplaces only, FireGlobes will bring a new focal point to your fireplace. Outdoor fire pits are another place FireGlobes can be used but extra care must be taken to make sure the FireGlobes are not exposed to excessive thermal shock, such as getting hit with a sudden rain when they have been heated.  If they crack due to heavy thermal shock, we cannot warranty them.
Even though the FireGlobes are shown on top of fire glass, crushed lava rock needs to be used under them or they will break down due to overheating.
FireGlobes should not be used in commercial installations or should not be burned for several hours at a time.  Please limit burn times to two or three hours max.  Then let them cool.
Do be aware that these are hand made products and will have imperfections and blemishes on them. These imperfections are not defects.
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