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For multiple reasons, we are using the following procedure to manage phone support. Most inquiries can be handled quickly and efficiently through email. Therefore, we ask that you initially send an email, even if you feel your questions are complex. We will determine if a phone consultation is necessary or justified. You may send an email by Clicking Here and feel free to include pictures, drawings, etc. to help us understand your project. If you do not follow this procedure, but instead call and leave a message, please be aware that it is possible that you may not receive a return phone call.

The Ultimate Outlet for Fireplace and Fire Pit Design

For product installation support for products you have already purchased, you may call the following numbers and please leave a message if necessary:

Local: 949-858-5954

Mon - Fri, 8:00AM - 4:00PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Based in Orange County, CA, Exotic Flames does more than serve clients in the United States. We are now working with clients in other countries.

Since we opened our business in 2004, we knew that it would not be hard to set ourselves apart from many businesses out there. Let's face it. Real customer service is lacking in most businesses today. We wanted to provide fresh and innovative products for the fireplace and hearth industry, but we also wanted to provide advice and support to make your project successful. With all the tools available today (web, electronic documents, digital pictures, digital video) there is no reason we can't provide the support needed for any project, no matter how distant the location.

Exotic Flames will work with you on every detail of your project, as long as we have the expertise. We will not design your project for you, but will make sure your design will work with our products. You may send us blue prints, drawings, pictures and other specifications. In return, we will provide guidance to ensure the success of your project.

Our Internet store is always open. Phone support is reserved for those that have already purchased from us, or those that have complex questions where it is not practical to communicate the bulk of it via email. Even if you feel your questions are complex, please begin by emailing your inquiry.

Our location (not showroom):

Exotic Flames
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

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