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Crushed Lava Rock

Crushed Lava Rock
Sold by the pound, this lava rock is used under your base glass to make your mound of glass look more plentiful than it really is. You can use the following as a guide when ordering:
For most FIREPLACES using the 2 inch glass fill method: Lava rock = 33% of the total fill material. For example, let's say you need 70 lbs of glass. 25lbs of lava rock would be needed, since lava rock weighs less than glass. 70 Lbs of glass and 25 lbs of lava rock will give you 3 inches of fill depth.  You may round down to the next pound.
For FIRE PITS: Send an email with the diameter of the pit along with inches of depth you need to fill. For example, your pit is 30 inches diameter and you need to fill up 13 inches (from the pit floor to just under the burner). This lava rock will be either red or black. The color does not matter as this will be hidden under the glass.
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