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Gas Tiki Torch - Black Cone

Gas Tiki Torch - Black Cone
Exotic Flames offers you a selection of (NG) Natural Gas or (LP) Liquid Propane tiki torches with different crown designs.  If you are looking for a permanent mounted tiki torch or a portable tiki torch, we have what you are looking for.
If you are intested in this product, you MUST SEE these two videos. Seeing is believing!
Built with quality craftsmanship and a powder coated 2-1/2''  metal pole, 96'' tall with crown, you will be satisfied with your choice of any tiki torch we offer.  Convert any of these tiki torches into a fully automated, remote controlled system and with the push of a button turn them all on at the same time.  No more oil to fill or mess to clean up.  No more dealing with the wind blowing them out and having to re-light them again.  Our automated tiki torches are the best in the market and deliver the reliability you expect from an automated system.
These tiki torches come with the following options;  manual or fully automated.  Select the option below and you will see the price update accordingly.
NOTE TO COMMERCIAL BUYERS:  This is not a listed product.
Please allow a one week processing time on the manual torches and a three week processing time on the automated torches.
Click Here to download an installation guide.

Weight 50.00 lbs
Gas Type
Mode of Operation
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Our price: $297.99

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