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Fire Bowls - FireGlass - Automated Torches - Fire and Water

Services we provide

Timely, comprehensive pre-sales consulting via email, including but not limited to:

  • An assessment of your individual needs or wants
  • When applicable, a simple CAD drawing to clarify details
  • Supporting manuals and drawings
  • Installation support, via email or phone as necessary
  • Detailed quotes
  • Seasoned advice
  • Warranty support
  • When applicable, a pictorial mockup to help customer visualize products
  • Polite and professional responses

If you choose to Contact Us regarding your project, please include any information below that applies to your project:

  • Type of fuel you will use (natural gas or propane)?
  • If you are inquiring about a fire feature, please include the dimensions of the "burn area", such as the front width, back width and depth of a fireplace floor, or the inside diameter of a fire pit.
  • Do you plan to control the gas manually, or desire an ignition system?
  • List the type of decorative material you are interested in (such as FireGlass, FireBalls, etc.) or simply want a couple ideas.
  • Commercial or residential and are you concerned with meeting restrictive building codes?
  • Feel free to include pictures or drawings. You can email pictures to the email address in the scrolling message at the top of this page.

If you would like a mockup of your fireplace which will give you an idea of what the finished product will look like, please email a good quality picture of the front of your fireplace, including the fireplace surround. Also, let us know what type of product you are interested in and we will show you a color-coordinated sample.

Customer Testimonials - See What Others Have Been Saying

2016-01-17Thanks for your immediate response to all my questions. We love our fireplace and have used it everyday since I finished it. I showed pictures to friends at work and they all like it and one has already ordered his burner from you already to do his fireplace!

Thank You,


2015-08-23Thanks you for the quick reply. The information you provided was very helpful.
I already placed an order. Thanks again!


2015-07-21Thank you VERY much!! I really appreciate you doing that... I canít wait to see my new fireplace!!! You totally changed my mood today... thanks for making things turn out so well... you were right... I really did need more flex!!!


2015-06-04Thanks Carl.

I appreciate the upgrade, quick shipping and your communication.

Best Regards,


2015-04-23Thanks for being so helpful and understanding. I will certainly recommend Exotic Flames to other clients that we have.


2015-02-20Thanks so much for your speedy responses. I can't wait to do business with you guys. :)


2014-12-18Thank you Carl. You have been very helpful. I just placed my order. I really appreciate all your help.


2014-11-20Really appreciate your quality customer service!... ...Again, thank you so much! I will recommend your company to anyone I know looking to install or upgrade their fireplace!


2014-10-15Your attentiveness on this is appreciated. I am impressed with Exotic Flames customer service.


2014-08-18Once again you have saved the day!!! We are very excited. Today is our anniversary and I can guaranty some time out by the fire pit after the kiddos go down. This will be a part of this years celebration. Thanks again for all your help.


2014-08-05THANK YOU SO SO MUCH CARL!!! You're the best customer service I've ever dealt with. I really appreciate all of your help. Hopefully it will be up and running soon. I'll send a photo as soon as it is.

Enjoy your day!
Big hugs,


2014-06-25I've really liked working with you. Our office does work all over the country and I'll definitely recommend you going forward.


2014-05-27Thanks very much. You provide EXCELLENT service.


2014-05-01I received the new burner this morning. Thanks again for working everything out for me. You did a great job of switching this out and making it as painless as possible on this end.

All the best,


2014-04-30Unbelievable. Thank you so much. You really didn't have to issue the credit and you did it after I placed my new order.

Great doing business with a company that has fantastic customer service. If you would like I'll send photos of before and after. Do you have a customer comment spot on your website? I would love to write what a great job you've done.

Thanks again,


2014-03-14Thanks very much, Carl! Really nice to be working with someone who's prompt, helpful, professional and honest!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!


2014-01-19I really appreciate the help. I definitely will be contacting you to provide the burner.

Please keep my information for reference. I will be contacting you. Your service thus far has been tremendous.



2014-01-09Thanks for the GREAT customer service.

Iíll be ordering soon.


2013-12-05Your You Tube Videos and your emails have been much appreciated. Without your assistance I would not have placed my order.

Thank you again,


2013-11-09Carl, burner installed, checked out, installation complete and looking good......

Thank you for your advice and prompt reply's to my questions. I am very satisfied
with the quality and function of the burner you suggested...


2013-08-02Thank you so much Carl! You have been wonderful to work with!

I really appreciate you catching my oops on the flex line.....thank you!


2013-05-06Just to let you know that we completed our fireplace conversion successfully! It looks beautiful! And we could not have done it without you! Thank you for all your help and advice along the way.


Lora & Kevin

2013-04-10I thank you again and I appreciate you adjusting my price! You are definitely #1 on customer service! Thank you for your honesty and helping me out!!

Thank you,

2013-03-10I am very impressed with the customer service at Exotic Flames. Carl has always been available to answer questions and provide suggestions but he went above and beyond on my last order. He saved me money with shipping and was able to rush the products through. Exotic Flames has all your fireplace/fire-pit needs as well as a trustworthy staff.


2012-05-10Thanks again - this truly is wonderful customer service,


2012-04-11Thanks Carl, we will be ordering more of this from you on a ongoing basis. I appreciate your prompt attention to our needs. Your customer service is top notch!

Thanks again,


2012-02-13I really appreciate the way you solve the problem I have received product replacement. Thank you.



2012-02-13Thanks for the fast follow up. Your service has been outstanding.



2012-01-26Yes I approve the order. You earned it with your customer service.


2011-10-26Melissa said that a gentleman named Carl was her contact, and he had given great customer service.

Many thanks!


2011-06-20Thank you, and again, great service. I will definitely buy again from you. Placing another order tomorrow. Truly great service.

Thanks again,


2011-06-15Wow! Carl, now I am very impressed! Thanks for your prompt and detailed reply back.

Fabulous and excellent, thanks so very much. You blew my socks off.



2011-01-24You are a great source of help. It is so hard to get great customer service these days. I really appreciate the hand holding. I have already said great things about your business to others. When they look at my fireplace it is nice to be able to say nice things in reference to Exotic Flames.

Thank you again,


2010-08-04I had excellent service through your online help! I cant wait to get your product!

Thanks so much!


2010-04-28Thanks for such great customer service!


2010-03-01I just wanted to thank you for all of your great customer service and support!!! We will definitely use you again in any future projects and will recommend you to our Architectural and Design Consultants.

Thanks Again,


2010-01-19Did you get my order for more glass? Thank you so much for such great customer service.



2010-01-11Thank you for your support and your guidance. I must say that I am significantly impressed by the service your company shows and provides.

I will follow up as you suggested locally.

Best regards and continued success,


2009-01-06Thank you so much for the exceptional customer service you provided, and I'll try to repay you by sending additional business to you as friends and family continue to admire my new fireplace look. In fact, I was referred to you by a friend who bought fireplace glass from you and I loved it when I saw hers! Her husband had seen it on HGTV and loved it and she found you online and was very impressed with how quickly she received her order and the new look.

Thank you again for everything!


2008-09-05Thank you so much, we really appreciate it. You provide excellent customer service.

James and Laurene

2008-07-30Thanks for the response. I certainly appreciate your customer service, and am willing to pay for it. I understand your position completely. Now I can stand back and enjoy the new look. Your help with the project was invaluable. I will call again, when I get ready to convert another fireplace.

Thanks again,


2008-07-10Thank you for the update. You give great customer service. I'm so glad I found you on the web.


2007-12-25I just wanted to let you know that my burner and glass arrived today. Many thanks for getting this to me before Christmas. It is a joy to find someone who believes in Customer Service. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.



2007-12-22Carl, even though you claim to not have been in sales for long, your honestly and integrity "sell" much better than any so called "sales technique"!

In my book, there is no substitute for treating people fairly.

Your customer service is top notch. Keep up the great work!



FireGlass in the press

Whether you are looking for a more rustic or a more contemporary design, FireGlass can fit in with your decor.

As Seen on TV HGTV's reDESIGN   As Seen on TV TLC.DISCOVERY   As Seen on TV DIVINE DESIGN - Episode 809

Click Here to see a DIY video of a Backyard Cabana project.
Click Here to see a DIY video of a Fire/Water Bowl project.
Click Here to see a DIY video of a Outdoor Shower project.
Click Here to see a DIY video of a Vegas Water Table project.

Now you can build the custom fireplace or fire pit you’ve always dreamed of … quickly, easily and affordably.  With dozens of styles, shapes and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the ideal fireplace design ideas to fit any fashion.

We were proud participants on Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, featuring a home in Tucson, AZ
(episode aired on March 22, 2009, Sun 8/7c on ABC)

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for special discounts!

FireGlass is Not Only Attractive, it Also Radiates Heat!
Up to 6 Times More than Gas Fireplace Logs!

The Ultimate Outlet for Fireplace Design A mesmerizing fire in your fireplace or fire pit has always been relaxing and enjoyable.  Now there is a refreshing and affordable alternative to wood or gas logs.  Now you can enjoy a truly mesmerizing fire by Aquatic Glassel in your own home or backyard.

Anyone can install this themselves or have it installed by a professional.  See it Here!

Or read the Press Release Here!

Remote controlled Tiki Torches

State of the art, 24 volt automated remote controlled tiki torches.  Quality parts and components concealed within the cone.  High winds, rain or shine, these remote controlled tiki torches will perform to your standards.

Available in black coned, copper coned and fin style.  Nothing says tropical like our automated remote controlled tiki torches in your own backyard.  With the ease of pushing a button, you can turn on and off all your tiki's torches at the same time and never have to worry about filling each torch with oil or letting the wind blow them out and having to re-light them again.

These torches can also be ordered without the automation. They can simply be lit and controlled manually.

FireGlass - What's all the buzz about?

NOTE:  Please be aware that Fireglass will not typically work correctly with the burner included in a propane fire pit purchased from your local retailer.  Email us if you have questions about this.

ExoticFlames.com is proud to introduce Aquatic Glassel – custom fireplace glass.  The glass is specially designed to be used in fully vented, solid fuel-burning fireplaces that are equipped with a replica rolex gas outlet, so there’s no need to worry about having a “special” fireplace. Build your custom fireplace with top-quality Fireglass at unbeatable prices.

One of the best features of Fireglass over GAS LOGS is the way it radiates heat into your room.  Everyone wants to get the most out of their gas fireplace this year.  Fireglass allows you to do just that.  You get it all with Fireglass in your fireplace.  You get rid of the mess from your Gas Fireplace Logs while heating your room instead of only your chimney!

Wolf-Subzero Showroom Fireplace

Competitive Alternative to Gas Logs:

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Environmentally safe
  • No popping cinders
  • No soot or dirt
  • No Pollution
  • Mesmerizing
  • Burns clean and safe
  • Affordable
  • Radiates up to 600% more heat than fake log sets
  • No mess, ever
  • Conforms to any shape
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Able to create designs, patterns, logos, etc.
  • Able to compliment any color theme
  • Instant ambiance
  • Interchangeable colors
  • Patented, tempered, tumbled glass

“Hi - I love your product!!  I work for a builder in MA, we are in the process of finishing up a contemporary penthouse unit.
This unit has a massive room with fireplaces on each end - these flames would be perfect...”

“I'm happy to pass along info on your product and services b/c we are so pleased with both.  If you have brochures we'd be happy to distribute those and I'll give your info to the bar staff to hand out as people request it.
I've already given it out to a couple people.

-Hyatt Regency, Sacramento”

Create a Custom Fireplace or Fire Pit Quickly and Easily

Use the Aquatic Glassel specialty Purchase Online Here glass in your new custom fire pit and enjoy the evening brilliance.  Cozy up to your inviting new custom fire pit and marvel in its beauty.  Easy to assemble, easy to clean—there’s no better way to build a custom fire pit than with the Aquatic Glassel specialty glass by ExoticFlames.com.  Order yours now!

For more fireplace design ideas, and to order your custom fire pit glass or custom fireplace glass and accessories, Contact Us now!

For your fireplace, the average cost of the glass is $200-$400.

If you want to have a custom fireplace or custom fire pit built from the ground up, please contact your local hearth store or contact a masonry professional.  Exotic Flames does not build custom fireplaces or custom fire pits from the ground up.  However, we do supply the burners, ignition systems and Custom Fireplace Glass filler material for them.

We are adding new products on a regular basis.  If you don't see the exact item you are looking for, shoot us an email.  We may have it but don't have it on the site yet.

We can be reached via e-mail using our Contact Us form.

Check out the product page! We have dozens of styles, shapes, and colors to fit any style you may have in mind.  Please browse our web site and we are sure you will find that Fireglass can bring new elegance to any fireplace or fire pit.  Now you can join the celebrities who are already enjoying this new technology!

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