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NOTE: The indoor products we carry are to be used in fully-vented fireplaces, but may not be used in direct-vent or vent-free systems.

Timely, comprehensive pre-sales consulting via email, including but not limited to:
  • An assessment of your individual needs or wants
  • When applicable, a simple CAD drawing to clarify details
  • Supporting manuals and drawings
  • Installation support, via email or phone as necessary
  • Detailed quotes
  • Seasoned advice
  • Warranty support
  • When applicable, a pictorial mockup to help customer visualize products
  • Polite and professional responses
If you choose to Contact Us regarding your project, please include any information below that applies to your project:
  • Type of fuel you will use (natural gas or propane)?
  • If you are inquiring about a fire feature, please include the dimensions of the "burn area", such as the front width, back width and depth of a fireplace floor, or the inside diameter of a fire pit.
  • Do you plan to control the gas manually, or desire an ignition system?
  • List the type of decorative material you are interested in (such as FireGlass, FireBalls, etc.) or simply want a couple ideas.
  • Commercial or residential and are you concerned with meeting restrictive building codes?
  • Feel free to include pictures or drawings. You can email pictures to the email address found at the bottom of this page.
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Email support used to (and sometimes still does) mean waiting 24 hours or more for each response. Unless we are closed, you can normally expect a reply anywhere from minutes to a couple hours.

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