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press release

- July 12, 2011

FireGlass ® is now a Patented product!

We have been waiting for this day for several years. FireGlass is now protected under US Patent Number 7,976,360 B2, as of July 12, 2011.

press release

- April 9, 2010

Exotic Flames ® adds New Products - Automated Tiki Torches, Fire Bowls and Remote Controlled Flame Modules

The new line of Gas Tiki Torches come with the option of manually lighting them, using a push button spark igniter, or fully automated by hard wiring them with (24V) low voltage wire. Automation allows for the convenience of lighting the Tiki Torches remotely. Once lit, they will relight themselves should the wind blow them out. A battery operated model is currently in the works. Imagine being able to remotely light your Tiki Torch with nothing more than a gas line plumbed to the torch. The torches come in several styles and we also have the means to custom cut the Tiki heads to incorporate your personal logo or theme.

Long awaited Fire Bowls. No need to hire a mason to custom build your fire pit. Now, you can use one of the new Fire Bowls as your fire pit, with a choice of different sizes, colors and textures. The earth tone colors are sure to fit in with your decor. They can be used as a manually operated fire pit or be upgraded to an automated fire feature.

Our new Remote Controlled Flame Module is going to make a big impact in the industry. Moisture and wind have always been problematic for outdoor ignition systems. Through extensive R&D, problems with wind and rain will become a thing of the past. Take a look at the RCM1 and see what it can do when exposed to wind and water! You must see this to believe it.

press release

- August 15, 2007

Exotic Flames ® Becomes ICS Product Dealer

ICS (Interlock Concrete System) has developed a clever, functional and beautiful alternative to having a fire pit built from the ground up. The groutless, stone-veneered, interlocking blocks make setup simple and quick. Disassembly is just as quick and easy. Since this is a pre-fabricated fire pit, you can take this with you when you move or change the location of the pit as needed. These fire pits are now available for purchase in the shopping cart area.

press release

- December 12, 2006

Exotic Flames ® Becomes Rasmussen Product Dealer

FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones as well as wireless remote controls and wall switches for natural gas and propane will begin appearing in the shopping cart area. For those that still like gas logs, we will also carry the Rasmussen line of gas fire logs with all the goodies. These were developed to work in any vented fireplace, natural gas or propane. Keep an eye out for them!

press release

- July 15, 2006

Exotic Flames ® Adds New Product Line

FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones are now available in the Shopping Area. FireBalls and FireShapes come in many different sizes and colors. FireStones come in calico colors or black, white and gray to compliment a contemporary decor.

press release

- May 26, 2006

Exotic Flames ® Begins Releasing Video Tutorials

A new page was added to the Exotic Flames website that will contain video tutorials about how to purchase FireGlass as well as how to install FireGlass in a fireplace or fire pit. Click Here to view this new page.

press release

- May 10, 2006

Exotic Flames ® Announces Show Locations

A new page was added to the Exotic Flames website listing home show locations and dates. Local customers will now be able to visit these shows and see samples of FireGlass to help make color choices. There will also be a burning fireplace display so customers can see the product in action.

press release

- December 4, 2005

Exotic Flames ® Launches New Website

New website "" launched. The new website provides another resource for customers to research FireGlass before making a purchase. Glass Flames features a simple, clean interface to take the confusion out of shopping online.

press release

- October 20, 2005

Exotic Flames ® Writes article on fireglass - Are Natural Gas Logs on the Way Out?

According to Carl Herkes of Exotic Flames, the answer is “Yes”. If you want to know why, read on.

There is a growing popularity towards a product that boasts a significant heat output over that of gas fireplace logs. For people concerned about the rising cost of natural gas, this comes as a very welcome message.

“Fake fireplace logs were not the greatest thing ever invented for your fireplace anyway” says Carl Herkes. “The problem is - you need to crank up the gas so high in order to get a good view of the flame... Couple that with the lack of efficiency, and you've got a big waste of energy!”

FireGlass (a revolutionary, tempered glass product) has solved both of these problems. For one, the amount of gas you need to burn is reduced by approximately 40% to obtain a desirable level of flame. The way this is possible is due to the fact that the flame burns directly above the bed of glass. With gas logs, the flame is mainly hidden behind the logs where you can’t see it, or benefit from the radiant heat.

When asked how the glass stays clean, Carl responds, “Since the gas actually ignites above the bed of glass, any by-products from the burn are carried up the chimney. Keep in mind that the glass gives off no by-products. With gas logs, the gas ignites near the base of the logs. Therefore, by-products from the natural gas are deposited on the logs in the form of soot. Because the gas requirement is less, there is more oxygen to help the gas burn more efficiently, thus less by-product (soot) and a hotter flame.”

So, the positives for this glass product are stacking up quickly. Carl reminds us that there is another heat benefit as well. When the fire burns above the bed of glass, there is nothing blocking the heat from being radiated into the room. Coupled with the reflective qualities of the glass, it's no wonder that the bed of glass is an ideal heat source.

“But wait”, Carl says. “The heat benefit is only half of the story!” The beauty and versatility of FireGlass is the other half of the story. The product comes in dozens of colors and sizes. It is also transportable. That's right! When you get tired of the color you are using, you can simply top it with a new color or completely replace it. Colors can be mixed together to create new shades of colors. You can create designs on the surface of the glass bed using different colors. Carl says he has been involved with projects where customers have put logos or initials on the glass.

When asked if this product requires any special maintenance, Carl states, “As with any decorative item in your household, you will want to dust or clean it occasionally. Simply dust it with a feather duster or scoop just the surface out and go rinse it with water. That will ensure it stays nice and sparkling. Did I mention that the glass will not cut you?” Carl also says this product is affordable for anyone. The average price for a fireplace is $200 - $400. So, what will be the future of Gas Fireplace Logs? You decide.

- amy r.

press release

- October 01, 2005

Exotic Flames ® Web Site Moves to Dedicated Server

To better serve it’s customers, the Exotic Flames web site has been moved to a dedicated server for increased reliability and performance.

press release

- September 14, 2005

Exotic Flames ® Accepts All Major Credit Cards

To better serve it’s customers, discontinued the use of Paypal for it's transactions and is now using a secure checkout which accepts all major credit cards.

press release

- November 01, 2004

Exotic Flames ® Web Site Goes Live

The Ultimate Outlet for Fireplace Design. Build the custom fireplace or fire pit you’ve always dreamed of … quickly, easily and affordably.