How to Maintain and Clean Your Ethanol Fireplace

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If you already own an ethanol fireplace, then you know how simple and easy it is to use and enjoy. Simply fill with bio ethanol fuel, light, and enjoy. If you are considering purchasing one and are worried about the maintenance, you’re in exactly the right place for good news! An ethanol fireplace is incredibly simple to use and maintain for a long, enjoyable life. The following steps will work for a burner insert, a tabletop fireplace, or any wall mounted electric fires you own.

Traditional fireplaces require a great amount of effort to prepare and maintain, including cleaning up acidic ashes and soot, shoveling out the remains of whatever wood you burn. Ethanol fireplaces will still gather a small amount of soot on the back simply as a byproduct of the burning process, and the burner itself will discolor due to fuel spills and exposure to heat, but with a few easy steps, you can keep your ethanol burner looking good as new for years to come.

Easy-Peasy Soot Clean Up

What you’ll need:

– a soft, lint-free cloth

– mild glass cleaner

Once your fireplace cools, take a damp cloth to the back of the fireplace to wipe away whatever gathers. You might need to repeat this once a week, or once a month, depending on how often you use the piece. It really is just that simple. If you’re using a tempered glass tabletop fireplace, feel free to use a mild glass cleaner. No one wants scratches on a beautiful fireplace piece, just remember to let it dry completely before igniting if you use glass cleaner. If you’re using just water and you want to avoid residual stains, consider distilled as the best option with the least impact.

Keeping your Steel Shining

What you’ll need:

– kitchen sponge

– mild dish soap

– small bowl of warm water

– steel polish

As for the stainless steel burner itself, if you start to notice that it’s looking a little gritty, a few swipes with the sponge, warm water, and diluted dish soap will clean it up right quick. If you want to give it a little more tender loving care, grab a little steel polish and go to town. Scrub with the grain, as brushed stainless steel will have that sleek, smooth look, and scrubbing against it will cause premature aging in the design. Using a basic kitchen sponge (you know the ones with a rougher green side and a softer yellow side?) will work perfectly. I can’t stress this enough, make sure it’s all dry before lighting it again.

Burner Maintenance

What you’ll need:

– a soft, lint-free cloth

– steel polish

– household sink

To prevent the burner steel from discoloring, make sure you clean up any fuel spills as soon as possible before lighting the fireplace. This is important, so be careful. Because the burner is constantly exposed to heat, you are inevitably going to see some mild discoloration here or there. When using water, harder water may leave residual stains, so consider picking up distilled water if you really want to make sure you’re avoiding any (and I mean any) possible residue. Steel polish will make magic happen as well, so don’t be shy about using it properly.

Don’t be afraid to remove and rinse the inside of the burner, provided it isn’t a sponge-style. If you have a sponge-style burner insert, this isn’t really an option because the water will sit inside the burner and prevent proper use. In this case, a simple cloth to wipe out the dust is more than enough. Other than that, just make sure it’s completely dry before refilling and lighting it again.

General Guidelines for Longevity

I know I’ve repeated myself quite a few times, but it’s pretty important: make sure the fireplace burner is dry after cleaning and before lighting. There, I won’t say it again, promise! A quick wipe with a dust rag will do wonders, just remember to wipe along with the grain of the brushing effect. If you’re using a wall-mounted electric fireplace, unplug the device before applying any sorts of cleaners or temporary dismantling to prevent risk of shock. Other than that, treat it like a work of art. Dust it when it isn’t in use, show it off when you have visitors, and make sure you purchase one that you can enjoy both with friends and alone.

The Case for Ethanol Fireplaces

This is short and sweet, there’s no getting around it. Rather than struggling with building a fire with the proper ratio of tinder to wood and argue about which is better, building a tent or a stacking the logs like a mini cabin, all you need is a funnel, fuel, and a lighter. What better way to indulge in a beautiful flickering luxury than being able to light it up on a whim, set the mood, enjoy a spontaneous evening with your significant other when the right time comes around? If you’re having a bad day, simply flick the lighter and curl up with a good book or the newest episode of your favorite show, and top it off with a mug of hot chocolate or a Lavender Honey Cream cocktail. You’ve already got good taste if you’re considering an ethanol fireplace.

Because an ethanol fireplace uses eco-friendly bio ethanol fuel, you’re able to aid in the preservation of our environment and dodge the toxic byproducts that traditional wood fires can seep into the air. Because they need no venting, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a chimney and flue. They’re available in tabletop, burner inserts for existing fireplaces, and as a wall mount fireplace heater, plus a few special designs perfect for whatever design needs you have.

These simple steps for long-term ethanol fireplace care will ensure that your piece pays back your investment double or more, providing natural beauty, entertainment, and comfort for years to come.

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