Direct Vent Fireplaces and FireGlass

I am often asked if glass can be used in place of logs in direct vent fireplaces.

Glass could be used if the burner system was designed for it. Unfortunately, direct vent fireplaces do not have burner systems designed to work properly with the glass.

1 – When glass it put over the top of a burner system that incorporates an ignition system, the igniter will no longer work.

2 – Sealed direct vent fireplaces (ones that have glass panels that remain in place when the fire is burning) have intake air venting, usually in the floor of the fire box. When glass is placed over these vents, the fire box is starved of oxygen and the flame will burn very rich and sooty.

Until fireplace manufacturers create models that are specifically designed to use the glass, you are stuck with products that are similar to logs, such as FireStones, FireBalls or FireShapes.

Update – Fireplace manufacturers have started making direct vent, and even ventless fireplaces that are designed to work with the glass. However, they are quite expensive as they are still a newer product on the market.


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