Custom propane fire pit

i am planning on turning an outdoor area that was formerly used for plants into a fire pit.  the area is 1ft by 6ft, is about 4 feet high, and most closely resembles the picture in the “creative / unique” section entitled “Long, narrow fire pit.  i am a weekend do it yourself-er, but since i am attempting a do it myself with items that could blow up, i need some advice.  i understand that some of the questions might be rudimentary.

1 – is there a kit for a long narrow install, most of the ones i have seen are circular

2 – if no kit is available, what kind of piping / hose needs to extend from the propane tank to the pit (flex line, aluminum, sealed plumbing pipe, etc…)?

3 – i saw mention of a “pan” that needs to be installed underneath the pipe in the pit to catch propane that might leak, is there more information available on this

4 – what type of regulator do you recommend for the propane tank

5 – what type of thermocouple do you recommend, and where is this installed

6 – does the inside of the pit need to be treated with anything?  i saw mention of the aquatic glassell, but i am not sure i understand if this is necessary for what i am trying to do.

i can send pictures if someone could explain to me how to attach them.  i am sure once the dialog begins, i will have more questions.  any info you could provide is appreciated.


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  1. carl says:

    1 – A propane pan/burner can be made to fit the size of your fire pit.

    2 – Rigid pipe would be best, to run from the propane tank to the fire pit.

    3 – The pan would be made, based on the size of the burner pipes. The pan and burner pipes would come to you as a unit.

    4 – The propane gas should be regulated to 14 inches of water column (or 1/2 psi). A common regulator (found on hoses that connect to 20# propane tanks) will accomplish this.

    5 – The tip of the thermocouple should reside just over a burner pipe so that the tip is in the flame at all times. The thermocouple will come from whatever control unit is being used with the pan/burner. This can be a manual control or a fully automatic one (requires 110V AC).

    6 – Heat resistant mortar is a good material to coat the inside of the pit.

    So, two main decisions for you to make are; what material do you want to use over the burner? Glass, only lava rock, FireStones, etc? Do you want a fully automatic ignition or a manual control?



  2. dap says:

    I just installed a new propane circular fire pit device. When I covered the holes of the fire ring with fire glass the propane flame goes out. When i mix small lava rock and glass the fire still goes out. When I open the valve on the propane line to increase the pressure the increased pressure appears to be causing the unit to shut down. currently the valve is almost closed. I have a 3/4 inch buried propane gas line that shares a regulator with a dryer and hot water heater. When there is nothing covering the fire ring the propane flames are very yellow and deposit soot on the sides of the fire pit. Do you have any suggestions for diagnosing the problem? thanks

  3. carl says:


    Chances are, the propane burner you are using was never designed to work with the glass product. Does the manufacturer say it should work with the glass?

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