Propane Burners for Aquatic Glassel

Since custom propane burners are now available for use with Aquatic Glassel, I thought I would give a brief low-down on what type of fireplace you need to have and what to expect if you want to install this burner system.


  1. You must have a fully vented fireplace (with a wood-burning rating)
  2. Your fireplace must have Propane gas plumbed into it
  3. If your fireplace has doors, you must be able to leave them open while burning your fireplace

Installation Steps:

  1. Measure the front width, rear width and front-to-back dimensions of your fireplace floor.  Send these measurements to us along with a digital picture of the inside of the fire box, clearly showing where the gas line enters the fire box.
  2. After we receive your information, we will determine what size burner will fit inside your fireplace.  We will let you know what burner system to purchase.
  3. You purchase the recommended burner and wait up to 6 weeks before the burner ships
  4. Around the time the burner ships (or before) you pick out and order the base glass for your fireplace.  You can use the same fireplace dimensions to use in our online calculator to determine how many pounds of glass to purchase.
  5. You locate finely crushed (pea-size) lava rock to have on hand.  You may need up to 30 lbs (give or take) of the lava rock.
  6. Your burner arrives.  You use our downloadable Propane Burner Installation Manual to guide you through your installation.

That should give you a good idea of the procedure.  You are always free to contact us with questions.

UPDATE:  November 8, 2013

We now offer a propane fireplace burner section in our e-store.  You can add various decorative topping materials to the pan, such as FireBalls, FireStones or FireGlass.  When using FireGlass in the pan, you would not use the “pan filler material” that comes with the pan burner.


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