FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones

FireBalls – Fire Balls – Cannon Balls for the fireplace, some call them, are really gaining in popularity.  And they are not just for indoor use.  I sell just as many for outdoor fireplaces or fire pits.  There are some amazing projects going on out there, like 8 ft. long fire pits with rows of FireBalls in them.

FireBalls are not the only hot item.  FireStones are just as hot.  Fire pits are also one of the main uses of the FireStones.  With the different sizes and colors available, you can tailor the look to match your surroundings.

FireShapes, FireStones and FireBalls can also be used to directly replace your gas fire logs.  That’s right.  You can use your current burner and grate and in no time you have a whole different look in your fireplace.  This is particularly good news for those of you that own ventless or direct vent fireplaces and have not been able to install the glass.

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