Discussion on Listings and Ratings and Approvals

We often get asked if our products have AGA, CSA or UL listings.

Our products do not require any certification from the AGA, CSA or UL as our products are considered a stand-alone product by these agencies. We are told that we would need a certification if sand or lava rock would also need a certification. The agencies are franchise operations and they are privately owned and are not a government agency. These agencies are hired for mass production testing. AGA, CSA and or UL do not certify custom “one of a kind” projects. Custom burners need no certification as this only applies to production equipment. A certification costs about $15,000.00 and was developed for mass production to assure quality.

Any parts used in our custom assemblies, that would normally need AGA or UL, do in fact have these approvals. Parts with function need, and should have, some sort of approval as they are the components that have the potential to make a custom product unsafe. Non-functional items such as lava rock, Aquatic Glassel glass, sand, sheets of glass, steel, etc., do not need approval, as these items are only materials and not items that perform a function.

Carl Herkes

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